Our Unstoppable Pledge to aSustainable Future Our Unstoppable Pledge to aSustainable Future

Our Unstoppable
Pledge to a
Sustainable Future

Climate change could well be the greatest challenge of our time.

At Mars, we are responsible for ensuring that our actions contribute to a more sustainable society, on a local and global level.

That is why we are working to make a positive impact across all of our petcare brands.

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These actions can reduce the impact that our consumers, their pets and our products have on the environment.

Together, we can create a Better World for Pets, while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet and generations to come.

Here’s a summary of the initiatives and actions we’ve taken, and the further commitments we’re making as part of our Sustainability in a Generation Plan.

It’s all part of a broader plan across Mars to promote sustainability in everything we do.

mars sustainability credentials
mars sustainability credentials
what can ı do?

We’re taking steps to make sustainable choices easier for all our consumers – and you can help too.

There are three easy steps all consumers can take:

  • what can ı do?

    Recycle whatever you can – we’ll make as much of our product ranges recyclable as possible, if you can then do the final bit to recycle it. Teamwork!

  • what can ı do?

    Research and choose sustainable brands – vote with your feet and your wallet, and choose sustainable businesses and products.

  • what can ı do?

    Reach out tell us what you think and be a vocal supporter of sustainability. The environment is everybody’s business!

what can ı do?